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Parts & tools great but you really need a heat gun for this kind of stuff.

Brian Dan -

iPad 2 GSM

iPad 2 GSM Volume and Power Button Cable Replacement

iPad 2 GSM Volume and Power Button Cable Replacement

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I fixed it because while replacing the iPad screen, I accidentally severed the ribbon cable.

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The repair was tedious and required a lot of patience and working with very small items. I remember saying right after cleaning up, "that iFixit situation was great". The parts were of high quality. The tools were pretty good, some better than others, and the online pictures and descriptions were about as good as it gets.

Mijn advies

When working with things like glass screens, it's incredibly important to remove all of the sticky residue from the previous screen's adhesive in order to get great adhesion with the new part. It's pretty disappointing to come all this way only to overlook something that's pretty simple to do and is an obvious sign of a good fix or a bad fix to the user.

The heated gel sack that comes with the kits that you heat up in your microwave is minimally effective at best. Even after leaving it on the correct spot, the heat doesn't seem to penetrate very effectively into the device. I could heat it up more in my 1000W microwave, but wouldn't want to risk rupturing the sack and having possibly toxic gel oozing out into my microwave that I eat food from. If you've got a Harbor Freight near you, pickup up one of their cheap heat guns or go to Amazon and get a cheap one. It's just a much hotter hair dryer. A heat gun is the only way to go in my opinion; ditch the gel sack.

iPad 2 Volume and Power Button Cable Afbeelding
iPad 2 Volume and Power Button Cable


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