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Battery and Wifi Components

Samuel Castorena -

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Antenna Flex Cable Replacement

iPhone 6 Antenna Flex Cable Replacement

2 uren

Very easy

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So my battery was bad, and I was unable to use my gps. The gps will tell me that I was a mile away from my exact location. Also, Bluetooth was horrible. I needed the device to be a foot away at all times in order for the connection to still be in place. Wifi was horrible too, I always lose connection when I'm walking around my house

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Repair was super easy, a little intimidating at first, reason why is because you have to take out the frame in order to switch it. It's so delicate, any rough force could break the entire frame. But if you follow instructions, and keep track of all the tiny screws. It's easy

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I was very happy with outcome, it honestly felt like I I just got a brand new phone. The only downside I have, is that I spent maybe $70, only because for every part I bought, I was forced to buy the package with the kit. The parts alone are maybe $25. $50 went for buying the same kit, twice. But I look past that, reason is if I would've taken it to a shop, they probably would've charged me $250 to fix the battery and the flex cable. I could've just bought a new phone. But I didn't want to buy the IPhone 7, when the IPhone 8 is around the corner. Only if they sold the kits, and parts separately. I probably would just spent $45. Very happy with outcome.

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