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Broken Wii U main board repair

Bobby Schaefer -

Wii U GamePad

Wii U GamePad Motherboard Replacement

Wii U GamePad Motherboard Replacement

10 minuten


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The problem was my Wii U game pad charging port was broken.

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I first ordered the replacement port to solder on. Ordinarily this would be an easy fix this way, I've done many repairs on Nintendo products. Unfortunately I was lacking solder wick or a solder sucker due to a recent moved. I tried to improvise to get the old solder off. I eventually did but in the process I got the board too hot in that area and the solder points fell off. (Live and learn) Again, tried to improvise and got it to stick but then I noticed one of the tiny ribbon cable clips that hold it down fell off too. Since it was so tiny and my eyes aren't what they used to be even with magnifying glass it was hopeless. Then I searched and found this site and seen you had the replacement board for less than $40. I verified it was the same version board and for that price was a steal. Since for that price I'd have a nice sturdy and fresh charging connector factory soldered and no broken ribbon cable connect or it was a win win. I ordered it, it got here fast. I tracked it to know the day it was coming. A couple hours before I took that time to get the game pad back apart and clean all the buttons and give it a nice alcohol bath to get all the gunk buildup off everything else inside. Soon as the board arrived I had it together in less that 10 minutes. Fresh, clean and as good as it was the day I got the system. Plugged in the charger, powered it up and it works flawlessly!

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I didn't have to use a guide since I've already rooted around inside enough. Advice, make sure you have the proper tri tip Nintendo screwdriver, it makes life much easier. I've gotten those screws out in the past with a small flat blade but it's a pain. Next, remember you are playing with delicate electronics. Make sure to have it on a soft surface where it won't slide around while you repair it. I'm not sure how I knocked that ribbon cable clip off but it happened and I was being careful. Lastly, if you're gonna attempt solder repairs, make sure you have flux and a way to properly remove solder quickly. Oh yeah, while you have it apart you might as well have a tooth brush, some q-tips and alcohol to clean everything up before putting it back together. Nothing is more annoying than sticking buttons.

Wii U GamePad Motherboard WUP-010 (REV A) afbeelding
Wii U GamePad Motherboard WUP-010 (REV A)


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BTW, it says "difficult" above but I forgot to change it. If you know how to use a screwdriver and carefully un-clip ribbon cables then this is as simple as it gets.

A helpful tip on lifting the ribbon connectors is to you a small butter knife, a guitar pick or the actual tool called a spudger which is plastic. It takes minimal force to lift them and to push them back down. Rule of thumb, if you have to force it....your doing it wrong!

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