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iPad 4 screen repair

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iPad 4 Wi-Fi

iPad 4 Wi-Fi Front Panel Replacement

iPad 4 Wi-Fi Front Panel Replacement

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I let my children use my iPad and they decided to sit on it. Screen was completely shattered.

Mijn oplossing

I repaired the screen in an hour. I have replaced iPhone screens in the past so that helped with an understanding of how apple devices are put together. The screen is more difficult to remove than an iPhone screen due to all the adhesive. This repair takes patience and persistence to remove the glass front panel. Luckily I already had an opening due to the shattered glass so that made getting started much easier. I knew I was replacing the bezel so I cut the plastic and peeled it out which helped to get under the screen. I highly recommend replacing the bezel with the new front panel.

Mijn advies

The biggest issue I had was that I hastily tried to remove the home button ribbon and tore it from the home button. Thankfully the new front panel came with a different home button and ribbon but it looks different than the original home button and screams "previous damage" to me. If you want to keep the original home button then be very careful how far you pull the front panel back when separating and follow the instructions very carefully. It helps at this point to have a second set of hands or something to hold the screen up. Reassembly was somewhat problematic for me as the adhesive came loose. I had planned on placing a thick protector on the iPad anyways so that it would be harder for the kids to recreate the shattered front panel. I think it would have helped to use the heating tube to help the new adhesive stick better and also to prep the metal surface by removing all traces of the old adhesive, which I did not do. This advice was not included with the original instructions and I think it should be.

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