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iphone 5s screen

Kelton Lloyd -

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This phone became a hand-me down for the 11yr old boy. His sister broke the screen, a previously replaced screen with parts from eBay.

I also wanted to give the boy a chance to learn how to fix, this phone was the perfect victim.

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Isaac was having such a great time, he was excited to be piecing the thing together. Unfortunately he learned that glass isn't flexible and cracked the new digitizer. How devastating.

But, this AWESOME company came to the rescue and did me well. I ordered a second screen, then explained the situation to them where they refunded the 2nd order! AWESOME!.

The phone has now been repaired, everything is perfect on it, and I have a phone for the 11yr old.

Mijn advies

Being patient is important with all repairs. I found that I removed the back pink plastic screen cover very slowly first, then transfered the parts over. Previous repairs seem to charge the LCD if the plastic is ripped off fast. I burned through 3 screens from the Chinese eBay sellers, which what the factor for buying this screen from iFix it, with a warantee.

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