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I fixed my crack!

catherineneal -

MacBook Core Duo

MacBook Core Duo LCD Panel Replacement

MacBook Core Duo LCD Panel Replacement

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Mijn probleem

I left the my Macbook on a precarious surface and it fell on the floor, boo.

Mijn oplossing

That spudger is so darn handy! I bought a nifty little screwdriver at my local hardware store and spent the day carefully placing the teeny tiny screws flat side down on the sticky part of a post it note (a handy trick if you don't have a screw tray) and labeling each set of screws with my interpretation of where I got it from (the left side of the disk thingy under the wires...) and also with the step number that I took them out on.

It was going really well, I got it all together had no left over screws, I plugged it in, turned it on, and....!!!! nothing happened. So I spent a couple minutes punching myself in the head about it, then I remembered the part that controls the backlight and thought that the connection must have been loose. Sigh. So I took it apart AGAIN, and sure enough there was a connection that hadn't 'clicked". Once I got it back together though I ended up with three spare screws? oops. It works though! I won't be placing it on precarious surfaces anymore! But two days later my 6 month old spilled coffee all over the darn thing! Luckily I had the process down pat, so I took it apart to let it dry and it works!

I like to think I'm a Macbook Goddess now. But even if that isn't EXACTLY the truth, I'm pretty glad I still have a computer.

Mijn advies

Use post-it notes to keep your screws for you! It's neat because you can label them at the same time! It saved me a LOT of frustration! Also, check ALL your connections before you get all the parts together again, otherwise you'll end up doing surgery a couple times, and it's fun, but not THAT fun.

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MacBook 13.3" LCD Panel Afbeelding
MacBook 13.3" LCD Panel


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