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Dead Galaxy Note 2 brought back to life

Michael Needham -

Samsung Galaxy Note II

Galaxy Note 2 - N7100 Complete Disassembly & Assembly

Galaxy Note 2 - N7100 Complete Disassembly & Assembly

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I loved my galaxy note 2. My favorite feature was the ability to carry a second charged battery and easily pop it in and within seconds have a fully charged phone. Recently I started to have some freezing problems. Sometimes the screen would display weird patterns. The phone would feel hot and the battery would drain quickly. Finally it completely died. Having two batteries I could rule out battery problems. Decided to use an old iPhone 4S until the Galaxy Note 8 comes out this fall. Started to research the symptoms I was having with the Note 2 and came to the conclusion that it was likely the Eprom chip on the motherboard. Saw that they were selling a used (but guaranteed working) motherboard on this site for less than 30 bucks along with a step-by-step video showing complete disassembly I decided to give it a shot. The risk/reward analysis said go for it but I was skeptical. Anytime I try to fix something that looks moderately easy there's always something that just doesn't go as expected.

Mijn oplossing

The motherboard arrived 2 days after ordering and was in a sealed pouch inside a box with protective packaging. I carefully followed the video instructions and was able to remove and replace the motherboard in about 30 minutes. The video was excellent and showed each step with sharp close-up photography and clear voice instruction. I had watched the entire video before I purchased the motherboard and the quality of the video made the decision to attempt this myself easy. I wasn't expecting the phone to boot up and function perfectly but that is exactly what happened! I don't normally write reviews but I am so happy to have my Note 2 back that I had to write about it.

Mijn advies

If you're on the fence about doing something similar I would say evaluate the risk/reward but know that the parts and the instruction on this site are high quality.

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