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iPhone 6 Plus (6+) Audio Controller Replacement

William Totman -

iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 Plus Audio Control and Rocker Switch Cable Replacement

iPhone 6 Plus Audio Control and Rocker Switch Cable Replacement


Mijn probleem

The audio rocker had stopped functioning - would no longer switch the phone from mute to not-mute.

Mijn oplossing

Preface: I have the iFixIt 'Pro Tech Toolkit' which I supplemented with a pair of plastic cards (which I ended up needing)

The repair went very well with the exception of the first battery adhesive strip broking before even feeling the 'increased resistance' described in the related step of the HOWTO.

The adhesive strip breakage is warned about and I might have had an easier time getting it resolved had I watched the video associated with the "iPhone Battery Adhesive Strips Replacement" - there is at least one strategy in there I could have used to reach the broken strip before I went down the path of heating the back case to loosen the adhesive while using the plastic cards to disengage the battery.

There was one significant problem with the Audio Control/Rocker Replacement HOWTO: the removal and installation of the rocker switch wasn't even present in the HOWTO. To make sure I transferred it to the new part correctly I had to find a similar HOWTO on YouTube. However, even if I hadn't found that video, I likely could have figured it out... perhaps in as much time as it took to find and fast forward through the video I found.

One minor thing, that I also relied on the video to resolve, was that on the Audio Control buttons, there is a movable part that could be move to one of two positions (sorry no pic for this, but it's very similar to the swing arms one can find under most keys on Mac keyboards). I suppose, however, if it were important or the default position was correct, the HOWTO would have pointed it out. *shrug*

One more thing, the HOWTO does not list Battery Adhesive Strips as a necessary part, but they are. I happened to buy a set (next time I might even buy two sets in case I screw up the battery reinstallation).

One more 'one more' thing: the "iPhone 6 Plus Upper Cable Bracket" listed as a necessary part is NOT needed because it's already in the phone and can easily be reused.

Mijn advies

For a great FixIt experience be sure to do the following:

- Read through all of the steps of the target HOWTO

- Read through all of the steps of any and all HOWTOs/Guides that are REFERENCED in your target HOWTO

My experience would have been optimal if I had ALSO done the following:

- Watched any/all videos in the HOWTOs/Guides referenced in my target HOWTO

- In my case, the video associated with the Battery Replacement Guide

- Find a video of someone actually going through the same FixIt you want/need to do

- You can find techniques, for instance, on reseating cables that you previously unseated

If things go wrong, don't panic - reach out to iFixIt - they are very glad to help!

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