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1 for 2, but great customer service

Andrew Rutledge -

iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s Screen Replacement

iPhone 5s Screen Replacement

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Digitizer on my wife's iPhone went dead

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The Repair went fairly smooth. I originally ordered a replacement screen from a less reputable company on eBay for a few bucks cheaper than iFixits product. Unfortunately, due to poor insulation on that screen, it left my wife's iPhone with a screen that was more white than anything, the display was bleached out and nothing looked quite right. I returned that screen and bought a screen from iFixit. This screen fixed the issue with the screen being bleached out, but the touch screen had a large dead spot across the bottom which prevented the use of any of the buttons on the bottom of the screen. I contacted iFixit and worked through a series of troubleshooting steps, but nothing fixed it. They immediately mailed out a second screen (2nd day air at that) and that screen worked beautifully.

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Save yourself some headache and hassle and buy from a reputable company like iFixit the first time, because they'll make it right when things don't work as planned and have a guarantee to back up their equipment.

iPhone 5s Screen afbeelding
iPhone 5s Screen


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