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Great tension.

Mark Mathews -

iPhone 6

How to Replace Your iPhone 6 Battery

How to Replace Your iPhone 6 Battery

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Very difficult

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My iPhone 6 battery was essentially dead. It wouldn't hold a charge for more than 2 minutes before the phone would die. After waiting for a few minutes, sometimes the phone showed the "no charge" screen and sometimes it would reboot, showing the white apple screen. Once the phone fully rebooted, the percentage of battery power showed for a couple of minutes (before it died again) and it would generally depict the battery power that was really left. I would go through the process of "dead phone" screen and "reboot screen" until the phone's battery is "actually" less than 10%. I did this process, which took about 4-6 hours, so I could reset the battery with the phone's OS. After doing that 3 times (I didn't want to spend $100 to have a new battery put in...) I discovered Ifixit and decided to purchase a new battery and install it myself. I also decided to purchase one of your tool kits rather that getting the battery kits with a few tools. I got the $20 toolkit, with the battery, because I figured I would then be ready to change out my MacBook Pro's battery when I needed to in the future. I also liked the design of the kit. Although I thought about getting a more expensive toolkit, I couldn't justify the cost if it was all more expensive than having someone else install a new battery. I am the owner of a NEW creative business so I don't have many financial resources to play with!!!

Mijn oplossing

AWFUL, would be my initial take on it. The tiny parts and tools weren't a problem and neither were the simple video instructions, UNTIL the little glue strips/tabs broke off of the battery. Thank God I had your spludger (?), but neither your advertisements, your photo tutorial , nor your video explained what I would do when BOTH tabs (which are nothing more than very thin pieces of glue tape!!!) broke off. Can you say "frustration?" After getting beyond my fit of expletives, I began using the spludger to push the two strips of glue from under the battery. After using the spludger, bending the battery into a twisted mess, worrying I would actually ignite the battery (yes, I had read awful things about lithium ion batteries), I was able to cleanly detach the battery from its case. Of course, reading the Apple note about only have an "authorized technician" do the repair did NOT make me feel any better about trusting iFixit's claims of the "ease" of this repair. I then installed the new battery, reattached all of the teeny-tiny "plugs", closed the case, drained the battery, recharged the battery to 100%, rebooted the phone, and the repair was successfully complete.

Mijn advies

Like I said, I thanked God that He was there to give me the emotional "support" I needed when iFixit's instructions failed me. I have a few recommendations that will make your instructional system more complete.

1. DO NOT avoid the critical subject of removing the glue tape because you don't want to describe it, either in your marketing material, your photo tutorials, or your videos. That only freaks out the customer and makes him NOT want to recommend your "system" to others. Regardless of what Apple likes to say, repairing one of these devices is NOT rocket science. IFixit needs to fill in the gap here, and be thorough about any repair.

2. The glue strip removal is, to say the least, is UNPREDICTABLE. Warning the customer of this fact would be a GOOD thing. And providing the best tool for removal of the strips, in whatever toolkits you sell, is imperative. The spludger has a point on the other end, which might be okay for use in some repairs, but when you are applying enough pressure on the strips to detach them, it only serves as a way to stab the end of my finger. And that's painful.

3. Why, in God's name, you do NOT mention that the customer will need another set of glue strips, or a simple alternative, to attach the new battery to the case is beyond this customer. After enduring the agony of the "glue strip removal experience," I spent additional time cussing the fact that I had to find something also NOT included in the REPAIR kit. Yes, I went to a store and spent more money to finish the proper attachment. A roll of some kind of double stick tape costs about $6. :- (.

4. I am a creative professional. I spent 35 years as a design architect, creating and refining the design of complex buildings, also doing urban design and masterplanning all over the world. I decided I was fed up with the management environment I found my profession had created around creative people like me. So, I began a small business as a photographer. I crave the creative process and have been a passionate, amateur photographer for much longer than I have been an architect (www.studiomatch.co). I share this here to help you understand my "creative credentials" and my technical skills. I hope you enjoy my work, too, but I am offering my advice because I have always believed in the team approach. To everything. I no longer have the community of people I once had for my architectural work, but I am working very hard to create that for my new work.

5. iFixit is doing something creatively important in this hitech world. Although my first experience was emotionally "taxing," I found it quite educational, and successful. I also wanted to share my creative observations about your system and your products. While the tutorials need some tweaking, your tools appear to be well-designed, of a high construction quality, and reasonably priced. I look forward to using my kit in the future. Since I am a passionate "Mac guy," I'm certain I will need to replace batteries in my MacBook Pro & and my iPad, at some point in the future.

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