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Elite repair for an Xbox Elite controller


Xbox One Wireless Controller Model 1537

Xbox One Wireless Controller Faceplate Replacement

Xbox One Wireless Controller Faceplate Replacement

30 minuten


Mijn probleem

The LBR button broke on my original Xbox One Elite controller and that made playing pretty much any game very difficult. For a $140 controller I was not about to give up on having a non-functional piece of HW!

Mijn oplossing

I had to buy a replacement part from eBay, less than $4 shipped. I had to come to iFixit website for any teardown guides and/or repair guides. I found a very good guide on how to tear down the Xbox One generic controller and so I used that as the main guide for my repairs.

I placed the button repair bridge in place but it did not fit. I soon realized the mounting plate for the buttons has two guide pins, and the holes in the replacement piece were a touch smaller than the pins.

Mijn advies

Thanks to the material of the buttons being PVC, I was able to "drill" the holes slightly bigger using one of the many included bits in the Pro Tech kit, I think it was a standard hexagonal drill bit that I used to gently bore the holes bigger. The buttons snapped in place and the assembly after that went well

Pro Tech Toolkit afbeelding
Pro Tech Toolkit


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