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The iPhone 6 that couldn't....

Kent Walker -

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Lightning Connector Assembly Replacement

iPhone 6 Lightning Connector Assembly Replacement

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My iPhone 6 suddenly stopped charging. It lives in a Mophie case so the reasoning behind the non-charge was curious. The case charged just fine and I rarely if ever took it out of the case. So, the iPhone 6 (out of warranty and AppleCare expired) was taken to the Apple Store. I love Apple but, they are so difficult at times. They said they don't repair but would be glad to replace. Since the iPhone 7 is out and the 8 is forthcoming, I was not willing to spend 300.00 to replace my iPhone 6. I took to the internet and found iFixit. The part was about 30.00 and the tools about 30.00 more. it was worth a try.

Mijn oplossing

The Repair went mostly well. I looked at the steps and read the comments. The suggestions were good and the warnings warranted. I was warned that the microphone was touchy and the glue on the connector was difficult. I worked around the glue (and I made comments) but sadly the microphone did prove a fail. I was not able to get it to work BUT the earbuds and mic did work fine. Since I don't use my phone as a "phone" that was not a problem.

Mijn advies

The mic is so difficult that I would suggest making sure you know what you are doing. The antenna is also very difficult to reattach. Other than that.... just do it if you want to try to repair. I am happy with my repair even if the internal mike is not working. I don't want to re-open to fix that as I so rarely use the phone as a phone without the earbuds. The earbuds on mine work fine. It charges now and works in all aspects except for the mic directly on the phone.

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