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iPhone 6s Battery and Lightning Connector

alanjmartin -

iPhone 6

How to Replace Your iPhone 6 Battery

How to Replace Your iPhone 6 Battery

4 uren


Mijn probleem

Battery discharging within 24 hours and not connecting to charger cable

Mijn oplossing

A successful repair and I was pleased with the instructions and parts supplied.

Two major challenges:

1. Getting the case open was very difficult. It took all my strength over many attempts over 2 hours to get even a sliver of a crack to appear and then I needed another person to help to get a pick into the tiny opening to break the adhesive because I was fully committed with holding the case apart. Once I had the opening it was easy.

2. Getting the adhesive from behind the battery was also very difficult. The strip kept breaking and a low angle was not possible because of the position of the taptic engine at the front of the battery, As with my iPhone 5s repair, I just has to be forceful and slide a card aggressively from the side until the adhesive was pushed aside. On re-assembly, I made a mistake and put the new adhesive strips the wrong way up. Shouldn't make much difference, but it was the only mistake I made.

The instructions for the replacement of the connector required me to take out every component. Kind of cool, but scary and I wasn't convinced it was necessary.

Mijn advies

The iPhone 6s needs the iFixit opening tool. I think it is essential - assuming it works. I will get this for my next repair. Noticed it was considerably cheaper on other web sites though.

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