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Moto X Pure - Screen Repair Frustration

Joseph Elson -

Moto X Pure Edition

Motorola Moto X Style (Moto X Pure Edition) Teardown

Motorola Moto X Style (Moto X Pure Edition) Teardown

25 minuten


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The screen was cracked on my Moto X Pure

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Initially, it went horribly. I purchased a screen off of Ebay that included tools to repair the phone. The screen works great, now, but the tools were awful. I got through 3 screws then it started to strip everyone one after that. The screwdriver steel was so soft, the groves in the tip pushed back, leaving a little metal nub at the top. I didn't have a file, so I went outside, grabbed a flat rock, and filed down the little nub. First screw after that still wouldn't budge, and the soft metal pushed back again.

Then I decided to be smart about it and get some good tools. I bought the 64-bit set from iFixit, and everything went smoothly from there. Even the nearly completely stripped screws came out without an issue. Totally worth the price, as I think they will last a very long time.

Mijn advies

If you don't have them. BUY GOOD TOOLS! The kits sent with some parts are absolute junk, and will likely cause more frustration than anything else. If you plan on doing repairs on your electronics, or small things around the house, the 64-bit set is a great start.

Mako Driver Kit - 64 Precision Bits afbeelding
Mako Driver Kit - 64 Precision Bits


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