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My 4th iFixit Experience: Replacing my 5s Battery

Jonny V -

iPhone 5s

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How to replace the battery in your iPhone 5s

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Battery was OK, but warped - Display was being pushed up, "Fat Battery". Decided to replace,

This actually not really my 2nd iFixit Experience, but my 4th - Just remembered I replaced the HDDs and Superdrives in two iMacs! Thanks to these well written guides!

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I already had the full toolkit for an iPhone 5 plus an iSclack (iSclach?) from when I replaced my Brother's iPhone 5 battery, This was similar, save for the TouchID and Connector. The iSclack was the perfect tool for separating the Display from the Case w/o breaking the plastic (plastic was already separating on the left side of the screen due to the ever-fattening Battery pushing up on the whole left side of the Display).

So I concentrated on the right side of the display where it was not separated, and the iSclack pulled it up just far enough to allow me to get the Splodger into it. Then I just loosened up the rest of the display and got under the plastic on the left side enough to pry it loose, revealing the TouchID ribbon Cable, The only tool missing from these kits are a good pair of tweezers with a 45 degree slant, but I already had one of those, so it was not a problem.

The TouchID cable is protected by a piece that holds it in place, I snapped that out with the tweezers and used the Splodger to pop the cable off. Then I was able to get my Display lifted up, attached to a pill bottle filled with bolts with a rubber band that held it in place while I removed the Battery and Display cables.

The Battery itself was a huge problem, it's increased puffed up size caused the Adhesives to break as I pulled them out, could not get a 60 degree slant. They both broke off halfway, so I borrowed my neighbors Conair hair dryer and heated the back, using my AAA card to get behind the battery and get it to come off. **I was NOT given new adhesive strips!** I wasn't giv en new strips for my brother's i5 Kit either. After cleaning the adhesive crud out, I had to JerryRigEverything a way to attach the battery with thin double sided tape.

Once I re-attached the Battery, I just went in reverse. Getting the TouchID ribbon re-connected and properly sheilded with that bracket piece was MOST difficult, but I finally got it to snap right in. Then my 5s Display snapped right in place, and my Display screen no longer had light escaping in on the upper left, nor the rainbow effect when pushing down on the screen. My iFixit replacement Battery had 1% wear level according to Battery Life. And with my screen flat, it is responding to touches and gestures properly now. Thank Ghod for this guide!

Now onto my iPad Mini!

JV 4-8-17

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I don't know why I was not given new Adhesive Strips, this was the 2nd time in a row, Seems like a necessary step, But I think my JerryRig will hold.

(Be sure to order the Battery Fix Kit and check the black packaging to see if the adhesive strips slipped out of the tray and got stuck in the box. The fix kit should include new adhesive strips)

Advice: Keep the Battery Tool Box on hand, mark off different sections of the tool slots for the different sizes of screws, I penned in the sizes, that way I was able to grab the exact screw I needed at the proper time in the procedure.

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iPhone 5s Replacement Battery


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