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the mystical self-shattering S7 rear camera glass

Chao Ping Lai -

Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 Rear Camera Lens Replacement

Samsung Galaxy S7 Rear Camera Lens Replacement

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The piece of glass protecting the glass shattered overnight, and the camera became unuseable,

Mijn oplossing

Instead of removing the entire rear plate of the phone, I settled for my trusty hair dryer and heated up the adhesive on the broken glass and spent a tedious hour or so prying the broken pieces of glass and old adhesive. Since the kit comes with the entire rear camera housing, next came prying the adhesive off the repair kit and carefully applying it to my phone. Heated it up a bit, and carefully placed the new piece of glass on top. Unfortunately the focus got all messed up and it was difficult to wipe the lens completely, but at least some qr codes still scan, and digital zoom helps as a work around to the broken focus.

Mijn advies

This kit is for people who want to remove the whole rear plate and replace the entire housing for the camera unit. Getting the new adhesive onto my old phone was a royal pain in the behind since it is very hard to handle due to how sticky it is. Also, slap on a piece of tape asap to prevent dust from entering the camera unit.

P.S. I live in Japan, where fixing electronics is not a thing and getting parts even online is very difficult. Thanks iFixit for saving my butt. (Shipping was affordable and fast )

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