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Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 Motherboard Replacement

mohamednashid -

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 Micro USB Port Replacement

20 minuten

Very easy

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I had a charging issue on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4. While charging, it started to prompt charge, but disconnected and reconnected like every second and never fully charged. It was prompting until the battery ran complete flat. Then, I took it to a repair centre, they soldered a new USB connector on its USB assembly, but it still didn't charge! Then I noticed the soldering was bad. I love my Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4, so i never threw it away, instead I kept it. After a year and half, while I was browsing, I saw Jamie Schmitt on youtube ( ) changing the motherboard! I search for an online dealer and found a motherboard available on My Tab's motherboard model is SM-T705 but has only SM-T700, but I took the risk and ordered both the USB Assembly and a SM-T700 motherboard.

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There was nothing much to do, like the guy on youtube channel showed it all, I opened the cover of my Tab S removed the USB assembly, unplugged all connectors, unscrewed the motherboard and replaced it with a new motherboard. SM-T705 has sim card slot and a memory card slot on it, but on SM-T700 has only a memory card slot. I thought as long as it work, its fine by me ;) . After reassembling everything including the new USB Assembly, I connected its charger and there it was, it showed charging and it didn't have any problems. After it charged completely I Switched it ON, and it works fine. :) the data on old motherboard is lost, but I recovered all the photos and stuff from my cloud storage. All thanks to Jamie Schmitt on for giving me courage, and for providing the stuff I needed. Thank you.

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I am from Maldives, and we don't have a service center in here, I bought my Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 from a local seller without any warranty. I travel a lot (which is why I actually bought this tablet, to watch movies and stuff while in the flight) and I tried Samsung Service centres in Thailand and Malaysia, but they reject to service as the device was made outside those countries, even tried other repair centres in those countries and mine. I like the size of S G Tab S 8.4 maybe that's the reason I never gave up on it. I followed instructions of others and took the risk.

Galaxy Tab S 8.4 (Wi-Fi) Motherboard Afbeelding
Galaxy Tab S 8.4 (Wi-Fi) Motherboard


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