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Cracked iPad mini 2 (retina)

Andrea Black -

iPad Mini Wi-Fi

iPad Mini Wi-Fi Front Panel Assembly Replacement

iPad Mini Wi-Fi Front Panel Assembly Replacement

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The iPad screen was cracked and needed to be replaced.

Mijn oplossing

The repair was fairly simple. I studied YouTube videos as well as the manual guide here. However it took us longer because we kept making simple errors (which I have tips for) We hit a snag with the home button getting sunken in, however a little more adhesive and some super glued helps keep it in place. The iPad was not coming on at all. It is hard to tell whether you have connected the cables back down properly. They day your suppose to feel/ hear 2 snaps but don't push down to hard as you could break something so the first time I put everything back together I had to undue everything because apparently I didn't. Also during the final stages before closing the iPad up we removed some of the plastic covering that we weren't suppose to on the home button cable and keepers running into trouble with the digitizer cable being activated on the right corner of you pushed it down. After looking at others question we realized our error and put the plastic covering back on. This keeps the digitizer from being activated in other areas besides the home button.

Mijn advies

(Tip: do not throw away ANYTHING that comes off the iPad until the repair is complete and you have NO issues)

If replacing an original iPad digitizer and you want the original iPad button or your screen does not come with a button. Use a tool to gently pull back the bar that goes over the home button. You can also keep the home button cable just in case for later. (Some say it is easier transferring the original home button cable to your new screen as this part can be better)

Make sure you separate the batter BEFOREHAND removing the LCD and digitizer and vice versa before connecting the battery make sure those two things are attached first.

iPad mini 1/2 Screen afbeelding
iPad mini 1/2 Screen


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