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Don't use this guide.

Madeline Mahugh -

Samsung Galaxy Note5

Samsung Galaxy Note5 Teardown

Samsung Galaxy Note5 Teardown


Mijn probleem

I spilled some wine on my phone and plugged it in during the ensuing chaos. I knew better, but I wasn't thinking (and had been drinking, obviously). The phone was responsive, but wouldn't take a charge, so I figured it probably just needed a charging port and I'd try my hand at phone repair.

Mijn oplossing

Horrible. The guide was total crap. It was three minutes long, didn't give nearly enough specificity, it didn't say how to put the phone back together and it was completely unhelpful regarding taking the screen off. I damaged the LCD layer by sliding a pick between the glass and LCD, and while trying to figure out if there was any way to fix that, youtube was rolling and eventually landed on jerryrigeverything's note 5 tear down guide, which described exactly what I had done and how not to do it (worst feeling ever).

Mijn advies

Ifixit, please vet your guides! No one needs glossy videos with elevator music to fix their phone, get someone who actually knows where the pitfalls are, have them describe it verbally, and show how it's done the right way. Or market this site as a resource for professionals, not a DIY website.

This guy was infinitely more helpful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQcbGNuI...

I probably would have done more research if this wasn't a google trusted website, so I'm doubly disappointed in ifixit and google.

I may buy a screen and continue repairing, but it won't be from ifixit.

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Hi Madeline, sorry you had a bad experience. Looks like you used a teardown, and teardowns aren't repair guides—they are just a look inside a device. There's an explanatory note above Step 1 that redirects people looking to fix devices to the appropriate service guide. The service manual for that device is here: Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Repair

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