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Two Magnetic Project Mats Help Keep Teardowns Much More Organized

mic25ro -

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Asus G-750JM notebook computer

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I fully disassembled the notebook computer, minus any work to the upper display components, to replace a defective keyboard and clean up everything that suffered liquid spill residue and collected dust. Using two magnetic project mats, one to hold the exterior chassis screws and another to hold the interior component screws kept everything more organized.

The best place for me to work is my dining table, which sits over a carpeted floor. Having a screw roll away may as well be a loss. So keeping all of them organized by position on the magnetic project mat and held where I place them by the magnetic material does a lot to keep my anxiety low as I move the project and tools around during the work.

Mijn advies

Drawing or writing simple notes to specify where a screw came from on the magnetic mat's surface is very quick during disassembly and appreciated during reassembly. This is emphasized for projects that span multiple days, giving your near-term memory ample time to forget which screws were associated with which holes on your device. The pen that iFixit ships with the magnetic project mat works very well for writing cleanly on the surface and wipes away without residue upon completion.

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Magnetic Project Mat


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