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Not too bad.

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iPhone 6

How to Replace Your iPhone 6 Battery

How to Replace Your iPhone 6 Battery

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Apple battery not to long ago would drop rapidly and around 20-30% would just shut off. After I plug it in and it turns on the battery would read 35-45%.

Mijn oplossing

Not too bad. Around a hour from start to finish.

Mijn advies

The glue strips on the stock battery is what took the longest. Had to use a heat gun and a old hotel key to get under the battery. I did bend the lower half about to 45 degree angle. Thanking no fire or smoke. I also decided not to separate the screen from the back half of the case. Used tape to secure it to a can of peas. But had to be very careful with the screen cables.

Piece of advice, line up the connector of the new battery to the phone. I lined up the top of the battery to the case as instructed but it seems the ifixit battery connector cable is a bit longer than the stock apple battery. I noticed this after I had the glue strips on the battery and had already placed it in place. I was able to bend the cable a bit to be able to connect the battery to the phone and then kind of bend the cable to where the connector wouldn't pop off. All in all not bad. Replacing the hard drive, battery and ram on my 2008 mac book pro was a lot easier... turned my phone on, performed a hard reset and then played with all the buttons and functions and cameras to made sure everything worked. So far no issues. But I did notice after turning the phone on the initial charge on the battery was 50%. Using it to calibrate it, it seems to drop in percentage a little to fast. Guess I will see after I do the first charge and then play with the phone to see the batteries reaction.

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