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Independent replacement

Danielle Martin -

Mijn probleem

I have a 2010 macbook pro, and my DC-in board piece broke, so my computer was no longer charging. The damage was visible, and I knew exactly what needed fixed. The apple store could not replace it because my computer was out of date, and too old for their technicians (apparently). They suggested a third party retail repair shop in my town, so I made an appointment and went to try and get it fixed there. They tried charging me $30 for the piece (understandable) but an additional $70 for a diagnostic to search for additional problems, plus an hourly rate for their time. I argued because I didn't need them to search for other problems, I knew what the problem was. Needless to say I will not be returning there. So I ordered the part from ifixit and decided to do it myself.

Mijn oplossing

The repair went smoothly, it wasn't as difficult as I thought, however I was very nervous a I stared into the guts of my $1,000 MacBook, knowing with one false move it was gone forever. Once I got the hang of it and placed the backing back on, it started right up and was good to go!

Mijn advies

Don't be afraid to stand up to the big guys who want to charge you an arm and a leg. Follow the instructions from the manuals provided from this website and you can do it!

MacBook Pro Unibody 13" and 15" MagSafe DC-In Board afbeelding
MacBook Pro Unibody 13" and 15" MagSafe DC-In Board


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