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Danny Krukewitt -

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 LCD and Digitizer Replacement

iPhone 6 LCD and Digitizer Replacement

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Mijn probleem

I dropped my iPhone 6 and completely cracked the screen.

Mijn oplossing

I've used iFixit glass digitizers to successfully fix a couple of iPads with cracked screens, so I have some experience with opening iPads/iPhones. I was pleasantly surprised to find how much easier it is to get the front panel off an iPhone. There is not any adhesive to heat and remove. It was a little more involved, since you have to move a lot of the little pieces (I bought the less expensive version without the camera lens/mic assembly). That being said, I found it to be an easy fix and the quality of the replacement parts is very close to the original.

Mijn advies

I would recommend going with iFixit over other replacement panels I've purchased from Amazon. While they are typically slightly more expensive, I've found them to be completely worth it. iFixit replacement parts feel and function more like the original. My advice would be to pay close attention to the screws as you take them out, they are not universal and interchangeable. I use a large sheet of paper and trace the iPad/iPhone I am working on. I then label each screw location with a letter (ie. A, B, C...) and then draw a box on the paper with the corresponding letter. I place the screw in the lettered box and it has helped me put the screws back in the correct location.

iPhone 6 LCD and Digitizer afbeelding
iPhone 6 LCD and Digitizer


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