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How I tried to replace Digitizer Glass without Display itself on iPhone 4S

Jiri Altman -

iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S Screen Replacement

4 uren

Very difficult

Mijn probleem

Digitizer glass in front of display was broken so my friend asked me to replace it by the new glass. Device didn't have any problem and still worked - touch screen was damaged but fully functional. I have never done such repair before but there is first time for everything.

Mijn oplossing

Before I started I bought some set for iPhones - it contained P2 Pentalobe Screwdriver,

Phillips #000 Screwdriver, and two plastic Opening Tools. I opened and found guide called iPhone 4S Display Assembly Replacement. At first I looked on overall video two times to get some overview how to start and what must be done. Then I precisely followed each step. One by one. Everything went fine until I found two standoffs - I didn't have appropriate screwdriver for this so I spend 30 minutes with that. Well ... after 41 steps and approx. 2 hours the display with glass were out. How the !&&* I can separate the display from the broken glass? That's question! I didn't know that this is very difficult and risky operation which needs UV glue with UV lamps, some chems, Heat Gun, and lot of other stuff. Conclusion? I found that whole part - display + glass - is available on stock in local repair store for just 22 $.

I must say that it gave me huge experience.

Mijn advies

1) Don't underestimate the preparation! Check if you have all tools you need!

2) Before you use or buy some part, check if it's really what you need! Now I know that better is to buy Display + Digitizer assembled together - it saves our time (and money also)!

3) Next time I will use at least Anti-Static Project Tray or other organizing tool - that %#*@ small screws are lifelike!

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