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Wifi range of about 6 inches.

tim reddington -

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My girlfriend's laptop which she needs for school (especially during finals right now) was only connecting to wifi right next to the access point in her dorm room suite.

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I used the driver kit and spudgers to completely tear down her laptop, hers is the style of HP that the entire keyboard area removes off of the top of the unit. After that I had to carefully peel the pop clips holding the screen bezel in place. The issue seemed to be that the wire running to her wifi antenna had snapped off from fatigue right at the hinge. Replaced her cheap single antenna card with an Intel AC wireless dual antenna unit, routed both antennas and now she's squared away and can study with her suitemates at the kitchen table like they used to. Bonus was getting bluetooth too.

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Really glad I picked up this entire kit during the black friday sale. I already have the old version of the driver bit kit and have been using it for years, having the complete kit with tweezers, spudgers and a much improved bit driver set made this repair much easier than it would have been with just a screwdriver set.

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