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DS Lite: damaged lower screen and button issues

Vlad Mocanu Alexandru -

Nintendo DS Lite

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Nintendo DS Lite Buttons Replacement

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Mijn probleem

Lower screen was damaged (water perhaps?) in the sense that even though the touchscreen was functional, and the displayed worked fine, it had some shadows/clouds/floral motif shapes. At first I thought it was some kind of wallpaper. Tilting the screen forward revealed a net of spots.

Also, the buttons presses were not registering all the time, maybe 50% of the total presses were registered by the device.

Mijn oplossing

Although I was able to find some broken DS lites, as donors, I decided to wait for the Amazon order delivery to receive the Pro Tech Toolkit. I mainly needed the tri-wing bolt/screwdriver head. However, the other tools, mainly the black spudger, was really helpful.

I used the guide, and it was overall easy, the most difficult part being handling the screen ribbon cables and their motherboard connectors.

Mijn advies

I used a piece of paper, to cover the spot where the driver kit goes, and was able this way to have all my screws organized and categorized. It worked similar to the Magnetic Project Mat, but obviously smaller. I used a pencil to write on the paper every step that involved screws, and the colors of the screws. The surface, being magnetic, forced the screws to stay on the paper.

I really liked taking apart the device and learning about the different decisions that Nintendo took to solve the problems of having everything in place and functional. Some clever tricks were used to allow easy servicing, maintenance and durability.

Pro Tech Toolkit afbeelding
Pro Tech Toolkit


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