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The turmoils of broken headphone jacks in our elementary school

Lisa Swanson -

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We are a public school system in Iowa and introduced iPads into our classrooms about 5 years ago. Ever since placing these devices in the classrooms, we have had countless issues with lower elementary children breaking their headphones off in the iPads, leaving the broken off plug in the iPad device. We have tried every method of removing these broken plugs from the iPad devices, from using the inner ink tube of a ball point pen to using superglue to using specially made small tweezers or pry tools - and in a few cases we were successful but for the most part we were not. When we were not successful, it essentially rendered these iPad devices unusable in the classrooms because there was no sound.

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I purchased one of the GripStick Headphone Plug Extraction Tools from your site, but to be honest I was pretty skeptical that it would work. We had tried so many other things, I didn't see how a tool as simply designed as this one could do the trick. Amazingly, though, I was wrong. The tool is amazing! Within hours after receiving the tool we had extracted four broken headphone plugs out of iPads that we had classified as a lost cause and placed into our disposed assets pile. I am planning to order more of these tools for all of my staff members. Finding this tool will now allow us to better support the classroom needs of our elementary students.

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After extracting broken headphone jacks out of four iPads, the tool is pretty beat up and is no longer as effective. As a school district, we cannot afford to purchase a new tool each time a headphone jack is broken off in a device, so I would like to see the tool become a little more durable.

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GripStick Headphone Plug Extraction Tool


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