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Have my phone BACK!!!!

Melita Lykiardopoulou -

iPhone 5c

iPhone 5c LCD and Digitizer Replacement

iPhone 5c LCD and Digitizer Replacement

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Half the screen was not responding. Digitizer had gone bad. I had already opened the phone and attempted reconnecting/tightening connections of the screen assembly thinking that it was a lose connection, but when that didn't fix the problem I ordered the screen assembly.

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Since I already had opened the phone a few times (!) - yeah, I had done it more than once just to make sure the connections were tight before ordering the screen assembly - I was familiar with the process and the screws to Step 16. I thought the screen assembly would include all the parts, but after closing the phone I realized I had to detach from the old and attach to the new the home button and ribbon. Steps 17 to 22. Thankfully I had printed the entire guide. Very useful since I had no internet connection to go online. My internet connection is through tethering and for that I needed the iPhone, which at the time was in parts in front of me...

Mijn advies

Read the guide over and over before starting. Pay particular attention to the highlights regarding screws. THEY ARE DIFFERENT!!!! Best to have a full size P2 Pentalobe from iFixit instead of relying in the small one included in the kit. You have a much better purchase to unscrew the phone than with the small one.

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