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iPad Air 2 screen replacement

Stephen Fry -

iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi

iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi Display Assembly Replacement

iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi Display Assembly Replacement

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iPad Air 2 screen replacement

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I followed the online repair guide which was very helpful

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I tried uploading repair photos, but my photo files errored out.

1 - The old screen was severally fractured and I covered it entirely with scotch packing tape. This presented my 1st problem, the suction cup would not seal on the tape. I peeled back a small area of tape by the forward camera window and then the cup sealed fine.

2 - Because the iPad is so bulky, it sinks the heat away from the ifixit heater, which makes this tool useless for this application. I used a hair dryer to heat the edge and loosen the adhesive bond. A heat gun would work too, but be careful to not overheat, remember this is electronics & glass!

3 - The rest of the repair was just like the guide. The ribbon cables, micro connectors, small screws & fingerprint home button are all very fragile! I can not stress this enough...BE PATIENT! Go slow, use the parts tray to stow each small part in the order you removed it...some of the screws are different length, do not mix them up. Don't force it, take your time.

4 - I wish the new screen came with new double stick mounting tape or that the folks at ifixit would recommend ordering that $6 kit at the time I ordered. When you remove these screens, you will probably muck up some of the mounting tape. I cleaned out all old tape, put a fine bead of contact cement on the edge of the case and slapped it back together....cringe. I don't advise this and don't use super glue, that will probably fog the screen. DO THE RIGHT THING and order the adhesive tape kit.

This was my 1st repair. My iPad is like new! Thanx iFixit

iPad Air 2 LCD Screen and Digitizer afbeelding
iPad Air 2 LCD Screen and Digitizer


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