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I just fixed my phone and I am excited about it.

Josiah Upshaw -

iPhone 4S

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iPhone 4S Power and Sensor Cable Replacement

3 uren


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First my ear piece speaker broke so I could only talk to people on speaker phone. Then my power button broke so I couldn't turn my phone off or on, but since it was already on I figured I could make it work for a bit longer. Then my speaker phone speakers broke. And to top it off I dropped my phone causing the back face plate to shatter. But hey it still was on and I could still text people so I made do. That was until the screen went black. At that point I knew I needed a power button to do a forced restart. So the time to fix it was now.

Mijn oplossing

I started the repair with arena rock star like confidence. "This is my phone I can fix this!" I thought to myself. Half way through the repair, I was certain that I would be buying a new phone tomorrow. I mean come on, Have you seen how small these screws are! These cable that are sticky and stick everything but what I want then to! But I just kept doing my best and following the instructions on Ifixit. And pretty soon I was sliding my new back plate in place and screwing in the last two screws. Moment of truth, I press the power button and and the apple logo appears. I couldn't be happier.

Mijn advies

Give yourself enough time to do the repair. Get a good lamp for extra light. These screws are small, If you have a magnifying glass I'd recommend it. I put down some white paper as a back drop, to make finding the tiny parts easier. I bought the ifixit smartphone repair kit from frys electronics, and it was worth every penny. Label the screws! They're all different lengths and labeling them makes reassembly easier. Keep calm, I wanted the throw the towel in multiple times. But I stuck with it and it payed off.

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What a great story!

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What's the cat's name?

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