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IPhone 5S Screen Repair

William Woodson -

iPhone SE

iPhone SE Screen Replacement

iPhone SE Screen Replacement

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Mijn probleem

My daughter dropped her phone and cracked the screen.

Mijn oplossing

The repair went well overall. It took me longer because I was being very careful in order to not break anything. The ribbons were a little tricky to detach and attach to the board but I was able to get it done. It was also very tricky to re-attach the Home button. The instructions didn't mention anything about this so I had to figure it out myself from drawings. Not a big deal. The home button felt a little wonky after everything was put back together but it feels normal now. The screwdriver is magnetized which was very helpful when putting the screws back in. I don't think I used any of the other tools. The suction cup didn't work so I had to use a razor blade to pry it open. Overall it was a complete success.

Mijn advies

Everything is tiny so get your glasses on and make sure you have a clean bright area to work on. If you have a magnify glass use it. Keep the screws separate as they look all look alike but some are different threads and longer/shorter than others. Take your time prying the ribbons off and on as they appear to be fragile.

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