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From squint to clear in under an hour!


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So, it was just before the World Masters 60+AAA Senior Softball Championships. After three days and seven games, my team was heading to the finals of the 39 team division. Someone asked me what time it was and I reached for my 2.5 yr. old iPhone 5S. It dropped and landed just in the wrong place - screen shattered. Although still working, it was hard to read. We then lost the game. On the plane home to MA where I had my tools, I ordered a replacement screen (and an iSclack).

Mijn oplossing

On the plane I read the installation guides and watched the video. When my parts arrived, I got to work, using the video as a guide. Everything went as hoped. The only hitch was dropping one of the screws. They are definitely not designed for 60 yr. old eyes and hands! After searching the kitchen floor by laying a flashlight on the ground and looking for tiny shadows, I recovered the screw and finished the assembly. I confess a sigh of relief when I heard the phone startup!

Mijn advies

The screws are very small. I found that fitting the screw head onto the magnetized screwdriver and gently inserting into the screw hole had the most success. For most parts, I used the tweezers to manipulate the screws and parts.

As always with lots of small parts, organization is key! I have the magnetic project board and also used the included compartment box. I made one big mistake: Although I was reusing the shield plate, I removed the Cable Assembly Tape. THIS WAS NOT NECESSARY! It is mentioned in the instructions, but I don't remember it being emphasized in the video. BUT - I think now that I needed to reattach the proximity sensor, but couldn't figure out where. So pay careful attention to the location of the ambient light sensor and proximity sensor when removing. I may have to go back in to reattach the proximity sensor socket. But I am still not sure where it is.

I used the iOpener to soften glue a few times.

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