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iPhone 5S cracked screen

Adam Nelson -

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I drop my phone a lot. The screen broke.

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Excellent guide and replacement kit (iPhone 5s/SE LCD Screen and Digitizer Full Assembly). The kit came with everything I needed except tweezers. The cable connections are really really small, so reconnecting everything takes some patience. I'd recommend this to anyone with a broken iPhone screen that likes to fix things. Will be doing this again next time I break my phone. Give yourself a good two hours without distractions.

Mijn advies

Re: the home button assembly (Step 23). The captive screw has a tiny part called the spring contact. The instructions talk about making sure it's in the correct orientation when you reassemble. It's not really clear from the text what that means. Pay close attention to the oblique picture on Step 23. It shows what the spring contact is and how it's supposed to sit when you are done. It's the little prong that sticks up right behind the screw.

Re: steps 19-21, front camera, LCD and digitizer cable connections. Disconnecting these is easy. Reconnecting them is harder. Especially the front camera. Mine kept popping off. Really make sure all of these are actually connected before you put the phone back together.

Also if you are just replacing the front panel assembly, I'm pretty sure you can skip steps 14-16 which deal with the connection to the battery.

Definitely make some kind of chart or system for keeping track of which screws go where.

When I put the new screen assembly back into the phone, it took some time to make sure it sat correctly. I put the top in first, then pushed in the sides and the bottom last. I had to push surprisingly hard at the bottom to make it go all the way in and sit flush with the edges.

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