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Excellent kit, not too hard, great results.

Steven Yannarelli -

iPhone 6

How to Replace Your iPhone 6 Battery

How to Replace Your iPhone 6 Battery

15 - 45 minuten


Mijn probleem

Battery on my wifes iphone 6 was dropping charge crazy fast and turning off at 30%. Was hoping this could fix it and at 40 bucks, heck of a bargain vs buying a new one.

Mijn oplossing

Repair went great. I recommend painters tape reversed to put the little screws on and label them. Immense help when puttong back together and getting the screws in the right spot.

Mijn advies

Take your time removing the adhesive strips. The left one came off slow and easy but i broke the right one. Luckily i was able to snag a small piece visible under the battery with the black tool and a tweezer and amazingly was able to pull the rest out. Instead of pulling to the sidw, i slowly pulled down the whole time and worked well. Recommend putting the tiny screws in the brackets before putting back as it was easier than trying to place those little suckers in the tiny holes. One issue... The ifixit battery connector was a little stuck out and is slighly pressuring the screen. I can see a small dot on the screen of the phone now when i push down on that spot. Worried about bending and breaking that strip so didnt try that. Would have been better if that connector was snug to the battery but not a huge deal. Excellent results.... Did it last night, battery was at 65%, and this am its still at 65%. Wife super Happy that she has a workin phone now. Thanks Ifixit!!!!

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