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Shattered Screen Repair

Geoffrey Liu -

iPad 4 CDMA

iPad 4 CDMA Front Panel Replacement

iPad 4 CDMA Front Panel Replacement

6 uren


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After three years, my self-described clumsy wife finally dropped her iPad 4 the right way and shattered the glass screen.

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The repair was super hairy at first--as it happens, the exact spot where the guide tells you to start prying open the front panels is where my iPad's screen was utterly shattered. So rather than carefully prying up the edge of the glass with the spudger and using the picks to open the front panel, I started the job by picking away what felt like billions of tiny little glass shards that were still firmly glued to the iPad frame. It took hours, HOURS, to get the glass separated, all the while I'm puffing up little clouds of glass shards as the panel broke further.

The amazing part: Once the panel is open, the rest of the repair, while extremely delicate, is also exceptionally easy.

Mijn advies

USE A HAIR DRYER OR A HEAT GUN. Look, I love iFixit--they've helped me sufficiently repair two Apple products now--but the heat tool they sent, the iOpener I think it's called... meh. Maybe the thing will work if used under ideal circumstances, but for me, running back and forth to the microwave, watching to make sure the thing didn't explode, making sure I only did 30 seconds at a time, making sure I only heated the thing 2 minutes apart... it was pretty burdensome. And even after all that, it only barely seemed to move the needle on the adhesive. Once I stopped using the iOpener and started using a hair dryer, things were MUCH easier.

But in iFixit's defense, once I got to the new glass panel, they had already installed ALL of the necessary adhesive labels, the camera mount, the home button, which all made the installation super easy and quick.

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