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Super stiff unpressable home button (iPhone 6s)

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iPhone 6s

iPhone 6s Screen Replacement

iPhone 6s Screen Replacement

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Fellow iFixers

I seem to have come across a rare specific problem with an iPhone 6s, of which I can't find anything about on the internet. So I've come to this place to ask my repair bros for help.

So I was replacing my brother's iPhone 6s screen. Everything went smoothly except for the reassembly part. When I popped the screen back in place, the bottom left corner of the screen was still a lil protruding. Actually the whole bottom area seems a little protruded but it's more obvious in left corner.

Prior to the reassembly, I removed the black thin strip that runs along the edge inside of the housing and adheres the lcd's frame to the housing. So I thought it would be due to that.

But anyway here's the thing, whenever I try to push the protruded part of the screen down, the home button becomes so stiff, you can't even push it down. When I don't push it down so much, but still try to screw the pentalobe screws in, it also happens. I can even hear a really feint crackling noise as I screw in the pentalobes... If I remove the screws and lift the bottom part of the screen back up a lil with the suction cup, then the home button works again (pressable). But if I leave the bottom left corner exposed like that, then there's a chance all the dust and what not could go through it.

So I left the screws out, so my brother could already use it, but the home button feels a bit loose like this and almost often doesn't give a feedback or clicky feel. And every now and the the bottom left corner snaps back down in the housing. I gave him a suction cup so he could lift it back up whenever it happens.

Let's just say the home button works perfectly fine if the screen is not snapped in the housing, but only when popping the lcd back in or screwing in the pentalobes, the problems start to occur. I did manage to get the right screw in with the home button working , while the bottom left part was still protruding, and then I tried to gently push that area down while pushing in the left screw. But a few turns in, and the home button just becomes stiff.

Also there's also this problem that I can trigger the home button by just pressing next to the home button. (especially the right side) It happens only when the pentalobes are screwed in, although I don't remember if it's also possible when the pentalobes are not screwed it.

So my thoughts are it maybe due to the adhesive that I removed. But the adhesive is supposedly there to keep out dust and water so I don't know what to think anymore lol. I busted my head by dis- and reassembling all the parts on the lcd digitizer a couple of times but nothing really worked.

So if anyone of you even have the slightest idea of what to do, or why this problem occurs please let me know. I'll try any possible fix.


TL;DR: home button becomes stiff/unpressable when screen is placed in housing again, possibly due to pentalobe screws?

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Everything went fine except for putting the screen back in the housing. Actually that went fine too, just that stupid home button problem then started occuring...

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I really don't know what to do anymore lol.

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