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New screen worked to repair water damaged phone

Sang Han -

iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 Plus Screen Replacement

iPhone 6 Plus Screen Replacement

20 minuten


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On a recent vacation my phone got put into a bag with some cold water bottles and the condensation cause the screen to go blank. I was afraid that the phone was water damaged and irreparable but figured I'd buy the display assembly replacement kit and give it a shot. Worst case I was told that I could return the item as long as it wasn't damaged if it didn't solve my problem.

Mijn oplossing

The repair couldn't have been easier. I recommend printing out the instructions in color and just following them step by step. All of the connectors were exactly where they were supposed to be and everything came apart exactly as the instructions described. This process could not have been easier. As soon as I got all of the connectors hooked up I was able to power up my phone with a perfectly working screen. Problem solved.

Mijn advies

As others have mentioned, figure out a way to keep all screws in such a way that you know exactly how they go back in. I took the screws and actually put them into the holes of the brackets etc that they were supposed to go back into.

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Excellent kit. Easy to follow instructions and perfect fit. Very satisfied.

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