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Badly cracked screen

Oscar -

iPad 3 4G

iPad 3 4G Front Panel Replacement

iPad 3 4G Front Panel Replacement

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My wife drops her iPad daily, the odds finally caught up with her and instead of bending the corner ever inward the screen cracked violently. The web was significant from top right to all three corners with very few areas over a square inch. The screen protector really the only thing keeping it from being a tool of death. The bezel also protruding slightly from the top edge. .

Mijn oplossing

I ordered a replacement digitizer and bezel from iFixit and sat down to it today. I removed the screen protector, vacuumed the iPad, shook out some loose pieces and put a bit of tape down on the screen. I used a regular hairdryer to heat the edges, a few passes highest heat let me get started. Removing the glass was slow, due to the amount of cracks it broke in small pieces. Took about 45 minutes, vacuuming as I could and the bezel simply pulled out.

Removed LCD, unhooked cabling, old digitizer off. Rescued home button. Took 10 minutes maybe.

Brushed out the shell, vacuum again, removed as much adhesive as I could see.

  • I did not install the new bezel at this point but you should! **

New digitizer cabling was fairly delicate compared to the original part so this made it tough, resorted to tweezers. I reinstalled the LCD and did a test here. Powered up the iPad, just lay the screen down - worked perfect to dead areas. Removed the LCD again, stuck down digitizer cabling, reinstalled the LCD - cleaned up finger prints - air spray and camera lens brush. 10 minutes.

Installed home button on new digitizer, no guide with where to put the bracket on the read of screen, so I placed it on the relay in the shell and pressed the new screen down - they mated first time so that was handy. With the shell and digitizer connected, the LCD installed I remembered about the bezel, this had to be stuck on. Then peel back the adhesive on the digitizer and commit! 10 minutes.

I would not say this was all that difficult of a repair, I watched the video here and on iCracked then I got to it with referring back to them.

Mijn advies

Be patient with the glass removal, the iPad is a solid piece of kit. It can take it.

When you have the LCD out install the bezel if that is part of your repair.

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