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Quick, easy swap of Asus Transformer TF300T motherboard

Cassandra Hilton -

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I had loaded custom ROMs on the tablet and was trying to clear it back to factory settings. I bricked it during the process and couldn't figure out how to un-brick it. I read some web forums of people who had done the same thing and just replaced the motherboard, so that's what I decided to do.

Mijn oplossing

I didn't use a repair guide, so I was just working out of common sense. Once I got the back cover of the tablet removed, I looked at the new motherboard to see what screws I would need to take out. Once I had all of the screws out, I just worked my way around from the right side in a counter-clockwise direction until I had all of the wires disconnected. Then I just swapped out the boards and plugged everything back in.

Mijn advies

Be careful once you have the back cover off, there is also a plastic frame that goes around the tablet. Be careful when removing it, it's fairly delicate. Make sure the camera is aligned/seated properly when you put the cover back on. When reinstalling the back cover, very carefully work your way around the edge of the tablet making sure that all of the clips are actually engaged. Sometimes you have to adjust the direction in which you are applying pressure to get the clips to catch (push in and down, or in and up, not just straight in).

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Één commentaar

What does 'bricking' mean? "You bricked it" ?

And why would you try to get ROM back to factory settings?

ROM means 'Read Only Memory' so it can not be altered either way. ROM makes it possible for your pad to boot from a powerless state just because of that property. ROM data is etched in stone so to speak.

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