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Water in phone, shorted out, fixed it.

Drew Trieger -

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Lightning Connector Assembly Replacement

iPhone 6 Lightning Connector Assembly Replacement

50 minuten


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Some water from the hose got onto the phone, the mic went out, then the external speaker. Finally it wouldn't charge so it eventually died. I was afraid I'd shorted out the battery or otherwise melted it, but then found out there's a component for the lightning cable, which I thought I'd try to replace.

Mijn oplossing

Fine, the tools I bought (all the tools for the iPhone 6s lightning connector replacement) were useful and worked on all the screws and things they were supposed to. I hated how the part I had to replace was glued to the phone and hard to pry off. I wish they'd not made it that way, but the repair went ok.

Mijn advies

There were lots of screws of different sizes, colored differently in the instructions which was very helpful, but there's only 1 phillips head screw driver. It worked for all, but barely. It'd be nice if the colors for the screws used in the instructions (they have red or orange or yellow circles around them now corresponding to their sizes) corresponded to a color of tool and there were more of these screw drivers that fit those more exactly. Unless that would cost a lot more, and then using this one for all sizes is fine.

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