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iPhone 6 Plus Battery and Screen Replacement.

Nathan Noto -

iPhone 6 Plus

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iPhone 6 Plus Screen Replacement

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I had broken the screen on my phone about a week prior, after never breaking a phone in my life. I then managed to drop my phone out of my pocket into a pool. I absolutely did everything i shouldn't have. I kept the phone on, I attempted to send texts of impending doom to my friends and family, and tried to save my important photos knowing that I'd likely soon lose all my data when the phone died. I had in all reality, assumed the worst. Funeral arrangements were made, and then a friend told me about this website "ifixit.com" I read a few stories from other hapless people like myself, and decided a new battery and screen may actually fix my aquatic iPhone. I ordered, and hoped....

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I won't lie, the tools/accoutrement that are needed for the iPhone are a little scary, and I run a remodeling business. But the step by step, photo-assisted guide that is offered made the repair very manageable. I took my time and was meticulous to take care with every small piece... and after a couple hours of sweat and prayers.... i pressed the power button. It lit up like a christmas tree, and i can't kid when i say that the phone works better than it ever has. All of my data is still there, and it's like having a new (old) phone! thank you SO much to all involved in this awesome website!

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Don't have a phone in your pocket near pools. Don't drop your phone. USE THIS WEBSITE and save money/aggravation.

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