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Broke my ASUS Transformerbook trying this!

Emily Smith -

Asus Transformer T100

Asus Transformer T100 Battery Replacement

Asus Transformer T100 Battery Replacement

20 minuten


Mijn probleem

Battery life was shorter and shorter, would not hold a charge, and discharged during use even if plugged in. Would not charge ove 50% even when plugged in overnight.

Mijn oplossing

While attempting to pry the screen off the back of the tablet, the screen cracked. I continued on only to find that my battery was glued down to the metal assembly. I pried the old battery off with some difficulty, mangling it in the process. But the new battery I ordered was also glued to a metal assembly. I would have had to reassemble the entire computer (many tiny electronic components) in order to install it. This instruction assumes a version of the T100 where the battery alone lifts out and is not adhered to the metal assembly. If yours is like mine, dont even think of attempting this. It would take all day, and chances are, it would never run again unless you are a computer technician. Mine is going in the trash, and Ill be purchasing a new computer. Too bad, as I really liked this one! Only lasted 1.5 years, though.

Mijn advies

Be very careful attempting this repair. Mine was much trickier than this, and it was way too easy to crack the screen of the tablet. :-(

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