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You will need a new bracket

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iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Camera Lens Replacement

iPhone 6 Camera Lens Replacement

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Mijn probleem

Sapphire glass cover was broken, when I was on a trail, in allergy season, you know..

Mijn oplossing

Got repaired... the "original" replacement from ebay seems oil friendly. Now I have to clean the lens more often.

Mijn advies

I have read other guides, before I began the replacement and open the iPhone for the first time.

- the best tool to open the panel (of iPhone 6!!!) is simply a suction cup. You'll need the plastic tools to pry.

- As a mechanical engineer, the bracket (soft metal) is pressed with the lens (hard metal, maybe brass?). So if it's your first time to change the lens, forget about prying the lens from the back out without opening the phone or get the bracket/frame (which keeps the distance from the camera sensor to the sapphire glass cover) out without breaking it. It's not possible. So order a new bracket together with the lens.

You'll need to glue the lens after replacement, because you are not going to press the bracket to the lens like in the workshop. Choose UV glue or PVC glue, which could be easily dissembled next time. After all, keep everything clean. Put everything back. :)

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Suction Handle


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