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Iphone 6 front panel in 20 minutes

achra64 -

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Screen Replacement

iPhone 6 Screen Replacement

25 minuten


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Dropped phone from 7' face down on concrete

Mijn oplossing

Very simple for me. I am not a pro but have 25-30 various repairs on various makes/ models.....used good technician practices...clean, well lighted work area. I use the magnetic work pad( priceless). I have a hand magnifier for verifying connections/ fits....Ordered the Front Panel replacement kit. Used the guide and it is spot on....Of course all repairs begin with a device that, if possible, has been backed up, fully charged and powered down. Battery disconnection is critical. Minding static charging is as well. My home button was already causing issues before the damage so it was the biggest challenge in the repair. For the novice without good hand skill this step is the make or break of the entire job. I had to put a slight convex shape to the home button bracket to get the home button functioning .The bracket was applying to much pressure to the back of the home button.

The phone powered up and operated flawlessly after the repair

Mijn advies

Offer the Front Panel Kit with a home button already installed as an option. It would make this repair a guarantee for the beginner.

Also offering an inexpensive pair of lighted glasses with a magnifacation segment could be helpful for some people

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