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Some small pains but went really good!

Brenden Carroll -

iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s Screen Replacement

iPhone 5s Screen Replacement

40 minuten


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Screen was broke, not enough to really need a repair. Just a few small cracks.

But a friend of mine had a 5s with the screen in perfect condition and was willing to sell it for $35.

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Repair went good, it was all pretty easy, following the guide and the only time I was a little frustrated was when I had to reconnect the LCD and the two other cables at the top. The first cable went back in place fine but the other two would not sit in place or click down, after about 10 minutes I got it and continued with the rest of the install. The only other thing that frustrated me ever so slightly was trying to get the metal bracket that goes over the home button cable connector to go into place, it just kept sliding but I got in there with tweezers and pushed it down when i thought it was in the correct spot and worked fine. Finished the screen and snapped it down, turned on my iPhone and everything works perfect. Camera is more clear too (other screens camera was pretty blurry).

Mijn advies

I have a pills separator container with morning and nights of every day of the week. So I have 14 little spots to store the screws I removed (as I do with every other phone).

I have each day labeled a different screw so I could keep track.

I would recommend doing something along these lines or keeping track of your screws because before I started doing this, there was a few times I actually screwed a bigger screw into the logic board which rendered the phone useless.

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