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iPhone 6 Plus screen replacement

aaron glover -

Mijn probleem

My screen was completely smashed and Apple wouldn't fix it because "we suspect their might possibly be moisture inside"?!?!

Mijn oplossing

I received my iPhone 6 Plus LCD screen and digitizer and was very happy with the initial inspection. I was so ready to finally get rid of my smashed screen that I jump right in popping the display off. It was at this point I remembered that I use my phone for everything and had no way of following the directions on the site. Luckily my neighbor let me borrow his sons iPod lol. Other than that hiccup, everything went pretty smooth and the display is idintacal to Factory.

Mijn advies

Make sure you are prepared with a proper work area, very good lighting, and set aside about two hours just to make sure you're not rushed. It's not too hard, but was more tedious than expected. Make sure to pay attention to how the ribbon cables are stacked. If I had to do it again I would go with the full assembly. It's not that much more and it will cut your repair time in half, plus you'll have spare parts.

iPhone 6 Plus LCD and Digitizer afbeelding
iPhone 6 Plus LCD and Digitizer


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