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Replacing the iPad Air LTE A1475 Screen

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iPad Air Wi-Fi

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iPad Air Wi-Fi Front Panel Assembly Replacement

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Cracked iPad Air LTE Screen

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I got stuck in a couple of places during reassembly, but all in all it went great! And only one band-aid!

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Someone should document the "putting it back together" steps as there are subtle nuances and techniques that probably need more coverage than just instructing you to follow the disassembly instructions backwards. (Mostly for people like me who have never fixed an iPad before.) I was a little confused on how to "tuck" the ribbons back in that connect the digitizer to the iPad. And getting the home button ribbon cable back into the ZIF connector was the one thing that took me the longest - I just couldn't get it to slide back in. Like I said, it would be nice to document the process to capture some of the more subtle techniques - had I known, I would have done it myself during my repair. So, my advice would be to take a good look at everything as you encounter it and how it disassembles and maybe that will help you when reassembling. Oh and remember to tape the digitizer where it is cracked before starting, even if they are nice clean cracks. The minute you pull up on the suction cup, you are going to place a lot of pressure on those cracks and they will crack further. You are going to want to make sure you don't screw up your screen with fingerprints or glue. Have a can of compressed air, a screen cleaning cloth, and some kind of surgical or food prep glove handy to use when moving the display and wipe it/air clean it one last time just before putting the digitizer over the screen. Wearing the gloves will help with fingerprints. You want the screen perfect before sealing it up and that means getting out dust, fingerprints, etc. And, I wasn't kidding about the band-aid. I barely touched one of the sharp edge and I had a bleeder.

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Thanks for sharing your experience! All of the guides on iFixit are editable, so feel free to add in any additional wisdom and tips by clicking the "edit" button on any step in a guide. Sorry about the bleeder :( Nice work on the repair though!

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it must be use oca

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