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iPhone 6 Plus Cracked Screen

Eric -


iOpener (Legacy) Instructions

iOpener (Legacy) Instructions

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Cracked screen

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I have repaired many iPhones, however this was my first iPhone 6 Plus repair. It was fairly straight forward. It's not quite as easy as a 5 or a 5s, but it's definitely a lot easier than the 4 or 4s

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There were a couple issues I came across in the repair process. First being the home button ribbon cable. Apple glued the crap out of it. It has very strong adhesive, so the iOpener is basically a must have tool. I had to heat it up twice, and I applied it to the phone for 90 seconds 4 to 5 times before the ribbon cable would give for me. Also I used the spudger to gently pry up the ribbon cable. You can tell that the cable is very delicate, so be very careful with it. The second issue I had was when I was reconnecting the ribbon cables from the display to the phone. The replacement screen had the cables in a different order (sorry hard to explain and I forgot to take a picture) and two of the the ribbon connectors are the same size. So I was trying to hook up the wrong cable to the wrong connection, and I was getting really frustrated because it wasn't working. Then I decided to compare the ribbon cable in the picture to the ribbon cable on my replacement screen. Sure enough, they were in a different order. They were easily enough shuffled to put them in the correct order, then I was an easy plug in.

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