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iPhone 6 - Weak Bluetooth and Inaccurate GPS

michael langlois -

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Teardown

iPhone 6 Teardown

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My problem, after I paid a 3rd party to replace my battery in my iPhone 6, my Bluetooth became very weak; streaming audio to my car's radio was cutting in and out. Also, my GPS was VERY inaccurate. When traveling on the interstate, it was MILES off in every direction.

A new iPhone model will be out in a few months, so I didn't want to get a new phone this late in the current iPhone's lifecycle... so I decided to give this a try.

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The repair went perfectly. I ordered all the recommended tools for the "iPhone 6 Logic Board Antenna Flex Cable". The only thing I didn't order was the iSclack; I didn't think the extra $25 was worth it.

I used a piece of paper with different sections of tape to hold down parts as I removed them. I numbered each section and placed the screws roughly in the same place on the tape as they came off the phone. This is VERY important since some steps have 3 different size screws... We want to make sure each screw goes back into the correct spot.

Although there is no guide named for replacing this part, the "iPhone 6 Teardown" is all you need. Once you get the logic board out, flip it over and you will see the Antenna Flex Cable. It was simple to remove (un-snap) from the logic board... but the original cable was very brittle and did pretty much come apart at the connection points. A few of the contacts stuck to the logic board, but were easily removed with the tweezers.

Once the new iPhone 6 Logic Board Antenna Flex Cable was snapped into place, just follow the iPhone 6 Teardown instructions in reverse!

Mijn advies


Keep track of your screws and parts...


My Phone is as good as new!

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