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iPhone 5s first time fixing

Leonardo Bandini -

iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s Screen Replacement

iPhone 5s Screen Replacement

45 minuten


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Well, first I apologize for my English, I got this phone for free because the screen was broken and I thought it was a shame to throw it away.

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The repair was not very difficult. The only part where I got nervous was using the suction cup, I spent probably 15 minutes trying to pull it out from the case. The cable management was not a big deal, even removing the Home button was surprisingly easy.

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It is to late to verify it because I do not want to take the phone apart again but in the rush to fix it I dis not verify if the old screen matched the new part. I think hook the back of the top of new screen has a different shape than the old one and it does not get inside the notch of the metal case. the Phone is all together now but if I press the top where the ear piece is I can see the screen going a little bit deeper inside the case but it is holding and not coming out. After all I am pleased with the result, the phone is working and I gave it to my son as upgrade from a cheap LG android phone. He is very happy at the moment and I am happy for him.

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